Applications for Solid Surface

Solid Surface is engineered for a wide range of applications. In fact, most anything you can imagine can be created with Solid Surface.  Its low maintenance, beauty, and affordability make it universally appealing. It is also uniquely suited for any shape, size, or finish in amazing designs. It is suitable for both residential and commercial use, such as in restaurants, food counters, hospitals, restrooms, classrooms, health clinics, physicians’ offices, among others. Solid Surface is practical, yet luxurious and creates a stunning visual impact wherever it is used. Here are a few examples of Solid Surface usage:

Countertops, Sinks & Vanity Tops

Solid Surface is a natural choice for kitchen countertops because of its easy care, virtually seamless installation, and unlimited design possibilities. In fact, Solid Surface offers the most sanitary option for areas where hygiene or sanitation is an issue. It is nonporous and, with proper cleaning, resistant to microbes and organic matter. It is water repellant and stain resistant, which are all important in a kitchen where spills are common. While Solid Surface material is susceptible to excessive or direct heat, most indirect heat is not likely to cause burns, but to avoid the risk, it is recommended to use hot pads or trivets that do not conduct heat to the countertop.

Bathroom Privacy Partitions, Custom Sinks, and Shower Panels and Enclosures

Solid Surface design possibilities are endless for bathroom applications. Solid Surface is pliable and can be cut and finished as easily as wood or can be heat-molded into any size or shape imaginable. A wide selection of styles and colors are available for sinks and edge treatments. Solid Surface is low maintenance, heat resistant, and antimicrobial when cleaned properly. It is fabricated with flex-strength and thermal expansion capability to withstand human weight and the added weight of bath water. The durable finish is safe for soaps and other products commonly used in bathrooms. Solid Surface creates bathrooms of elegance and luxury.


Solid Surface windowsills are easily fabricated in stunning colors and patterns with a special emphasis on stabilizing the color to prevent fading in ultraviolet light. These windowsills are sturdy, stain resistant, waterproof, and heat resistant. Cleanup is easy by simply wiping with a damp cloth.

Furniture, Signs, Art

With a state-of-the-art capability to be formed, molded, cut, and shaped, Solid Surface materials produce furniture designs in hundreds of styles, colors, or shapes. But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, Solid Surface can be used to create extraordinary signs and sculptured art. Any imaginings can be brought to life with innovative and unique pieces that will survive even the most challenging conditions and yet remain strikingly beautiful. With Solid Surface, some of the most unusual art and furniture designs can be achieved with the promise of unlimited options. Ideas for furniture made of Solid Surface include bookcases, platform beds, accent chairs, tables, desks, and cabinets, among others.  

Interior/Exterior Facades, Wall Cladding

Solid Surface on interior and exterior facades and wall cladding can be made into some of the most striking facades ever seen. With its tough durability, it can provide added support for any structure where it is used. Unusual artistry is possible with lightweight Solid Surface material and embedded lighting to create a magnificent luminous quality that is quite superb. On exteriors, the material is tough and able to withstand inclement weather conditions. It is safe from damage due to heat expansion or fading from ultraviolet light.

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